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What’s Your Product?

Some companies sell clothes or fresh produce. Other companies sell a service. Still others sell expertise – you might go to them for tax advice. Doctors have typically been clumped in with the latter category. Patients go to them for medical diagnosis and treatment plans.

But as a Christian provider I’m going for something deeper. Our product is not merely my expertise though that matters a great deal. Our product is relationships.

We had a middle-aged gentleman, Sammy[1], who originally went into Urgent Care for a problem. At that time, he didn’t have insurance. A lady whispered in his ear and told him about our clinic across the street.

Sammy was a heavyset guy with a grin on his face. One of the first things he pointed out to me was our checkbox for prayer on our paperwork. He had never seen that at a doctor’s office before.

As the visit went on I realized Sammy needed another perspective on health. I talked about gravity and how that relates to the concept that fundamental laws govern our universe. The law gravity says that whatever goes up must come down. It didn’t matter if he liked the law gravity or agreed to it or even knew about it. If Sammy walked off the top of the Empire State Building, he would experience the law of gravity to his own detriment.

In a similar manner there are laws that govern our health. And when we live in accordance to the laws of health we prosper. When we violate the laws of health we ultimately suffer.

At the next visit Sammy told me how other doctors had told him to lose weight and eat healthy. But he always dismissed their advice. He told me, Doc, for some reason when you talked to me about changing my health I accepted it. I know I need to change my life.

I responded to Sammy and told him that this was not a typical clinic. That even before he came into this clinic we had prayed for him by name. That even God had something special for Sammy.

What we offer patients

We offer patients a relationship. Should the patient hand over their trust, then in exchange they receive something beyond just medical advice. They receive a healing, therapeutic relationship. They receive sacrifice. They receive principles that will transform their life. In fact, it is through our relationship that they receive God himself.

What is your product? What is the essence of what you offer patients?

[1] Pseudonym

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